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NYC & surrounding areas only (for now).

The MakeSpace Seasonal Closet

Say “bye for now” to your off-season stuff. We’ll store it and bring it back when you need it. 

Get an offsite closet for your off‑season stuff. Store your winter stuff for the summer, and swap when the seasons change.

An affordable way to add space to any NYC apartment

Free Packing Supplies

We’ll send you free MakeSpace bags. Fill them up with your off‑season stuff.

Space Makers hauling items for you

2 Free Appointments

We’ll come pick stuff up and store it—two free appointments per year (includes your first pickup).

Swap It!

View what you’ve stored, and when summer’s over… swap for the season! We’ll pick up your summer stuff, and drop off your winter stuff.

How it works

up to 10 bins for $59/month

What fits in a bin?

6 sweaters + 2 jackets (you’re ready to not look at…for now) 

5 sweaters + 2 boots (you want gone…for now)

Holiday decor (that’s very last year)

2 boots + 3 blankets + 2 winter hats (that you’re so over…for now)

3 pairs of shoes + 1 comforter (you’ve got no space for) 

1 comforter + 2 pants + 3 jackets (useless…for now)

1 MakeSpace bin = 3 cubic ft. Dimensions = 27" l x 17" w x 12.5" h

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